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Newfie's , Our way of living!

We are Jan and DaniŽle, living in a small town at the south of Antwerp called Lint.

It all began with my first newf Ushi, my first black dog and bought in a belgian kennel called Van het Heidemeer. Felling in love with this dog I decided to buy a second dog.
I went to Adriana Griffa (Italy) where I bought Thaurus a black and white male.
With these two dogs I did a lot of watertrials, obedience and sometimes an Expo

Jan bought his first black newf Rufus also at a belgian kennel, he did with him a lot of obedience and watertrials. Sadly this dog died much to soon.
He was so sad of not having a dog anymore that he decided to take 2 newfies at the time, from Germany he bought Gizmo(black) and from Holland Frizo(white/black). With these dogs he did obedience, watertrials and Gismo did well in the puppy show ring where he became more than once best off the ring of onner.

After knowing each other a while we decided to go and live together with our 4 dogs, the living together was not so easy for the boys but we managed quite well and two years later we wanted to have an new puppy girl called Andromeda.

We want to thank Adriana Griffa in the first place who gave us these 2 wonderful dogs, Jan & Sandra De Rooij who gave us Frizo the excellent swimmer. Fam. Huyskens-Coenen for giving us our sweetest dog Ushi, and Anton & Brigite Thewissen for all the good advice and having a lovely dog out of there dog Newflands Comming Star (Juul)


Jan & DaniŽlle
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